Celebrity Gossip – The Best Conversation Opener

Everybody loves Celebrity Gossip. This is the best opener for a conversation with friends or people around you. The public is also curious about the issue of the rich and famous celebrities. Once a name of the celebrity is mentioned, everyone in the conversation has his own version of contributing to the issue of the subject. Regardless of the topics, they could connect with other stories of the celebrity they know and even contributing some related stories about the celebrity in the issue.

Some people spend money and time for this matter, just to make them updated on what is happening with the one they admire most. Even in getting into trouble they will stand and fight for what they know is right about the celebrity. Others make money and get a job just collecting and getting new information about the celebrity. Some get famous as the source of gossip and they make it for a living. They are also the most entertaining topic to talk about, may it be good or bad as long as it’s new to their ears they enjoy listening to it.

As if it’s a part of their life that they will not live without a celebrity gossip. Even professionals cannot deny that they get involved with the subject. They just listen to the issue and contribute something with limitations. Getting involved and using the internet browsing with the issue is fun and you will be entertained as well.

Searching and finding more informative celebrity gossip could also be helpful, this will arm you and guide you in case a conversation or topic is discussed between the group of friends or even in a party. This way you will not be left alone with the group conversation, contributing of what you know and what you read will make them feel you belong to the group. But it does necessarily mean addiction to a celebrity gossip. Put some limitation on where to discuss about it, gauge the crowd or a group if they are comfortable to initiate the topic for conversation about the celebrity gossip.

If given a chance or opportunity to have a conversation with this topic, you have edge to express or to share what you read and what you know. When the topic about the celebrity gossip is getting hot and someone is very aggressive and pushing it hard to make everyone believe on him, then that’s the time you should slow down and just listen. That way you’re getting away from trouble. On the other hand, before engaging to conversation of celebrity gossip, make sure that your information is somehow true and correct.

Make suggestion or give an opinion to the issue or the topic of discussion, but always clear in the end that your statement is merely your own point of view. The best place and person to have a harmonious discussion of celebrity gossip is your family and close friends with the same interest, with them it is safe to give your own statement or opinion. Reading and browsing the internet for a celebrity gossip will help you updated on the issue.

The World Loves Celebrity Gossip

The public is constantly curious about the rich and famous and how they live their lives. Inquiring minds want to know, how much money they make and how they spend it. Do the celebrities have love interest or children and what are their dreams and aspirations for the future. We do not care what it is, but we want to know. The public wants to know where they spend their vacations and with whom they spend their vacations. We are even obsessed with their fashion, what types of jeans they wear and their shoe of choice. The entertainment public is constantly seeking out all these things and this will never stop.

Entertainment magazines, newspapers and television shows make their profits and gain fame, from being able to provide the public with these answers and the public cannot get enough. You have well known shows like Entertainment tonight, Extra, and TMZ and of course, Late night, all of these shows cater to the public’s need for celebrity gossip. Even the late night talk shows cater to the need for celebrity gossip, but they take it one-step further, they have celebrities visit their sets and talking one on one. People love to hear about their lives, from their own mouths, we find them fascinating, what they are wearing and what type of personalities they have.

Celebrity Gossip keeps the public entertained, but have you ever wondered how difficult it can be for the celebrity. Most celebrities are very understanding to the public and they try to keep us happy and entertained, but sometimes-even celebrities need their privacy. They take the time to film movies, record music and even make live appearances; just to please the public. However, the public wants more, we want to know what they are doing 24 hours 7 days a week and that can take its toll on anyone. It is a good thing to admire famous people, it allows you to live an exciting and wealthy life through their eyes, but when does the admiration become too much. This type of admiration ends up creating stalkers and paparazzi.

Enjoy the movies, enjoy the music videos and even enjoy the magazines, but know when enough is enough and it is time to live your own lives. If you are so amazed by the life of the rich and famous, start to strive to be rich and famous. If you have a talent, start using your talent; if you are financially savvy, then use that to your own benefit and then you will not have to dream about what others have.

New Hot Celebrity Sport

Celebrities have new hot sport and more and more of them is totally addicted. This game hasn’t been in fashion since “Forrest Gump”, so from in 1994. If you didn’t guess already, it’s Ping-Pong! For someone who doesn’t know it is table tennis. The biggest fans of this a little bit strange sport are Susan Sarandon and Ed Norton.

Susan told the press: “I started finding out that there was this subculture of Ping-Pong and all these people that you wouldn’t expect are serious about it! I just worked with Ed Norton, and he’s so committed that he trained in China while he was shooting a film there.”

She also said what she likes about this game: “The matches aren’t that long, so they get very emotional very fast and then they’re over! You can come and go as you please and still feel satisfied!”

Britney Spears said that she is boring now

Britney Spears called this period of her life “crazy year” and she said that all that she needs now is some peace and quiet after all that she has been into. Singer said: “The whole year has been a hell of a year for me! I didn’t know exactly where I am… I have ‘come back’ so many times, people are just like, ‘Is this another one?’ It’s kind of like a joke to me now.” And added: “When I received the awards and the audience stood for me, it showed me how much love is out there!”

She also explained how she spends her time since she is feeling better: “I don’t like going out! I hate clubs. I hate being around too many people. I love my home and staying in bed and watching ‘Dancing With the Stars’ or reading a Danielle Steel novel. I’m kind of boring.”

Talking about kids she told the mag: “You have to make sure you’re a happy mom so they can be happy! In five years I would like to be married and have a father figure for my kids…It’s hard doing it on your own.”

The Celebrity Fashion Phenomenon

Who is your favorite movie star or television star? Have you ever wondered what their personal life was like? If you have, you’re definitely not alone. It seems millions of us are interested in knowing the latest news or gossip about today’s most popular stars. In addition to who is dating who, a lot of attention is also placed on celebrity fashions. Many people, particularly teenagers, wish that they could dress and look like one of their favorite celebrities. While this feeling is quite common, it also leaves many others questioning why.

When it comes to explaining the celebrity fashion phenomenon it is difficult to come up with a single answer as to why it is so popular. Different individuals like to look and dress like celebrities for different reasons. In essence though, there is a sense of idealism about celebrities, that they are living a life the rest of us could only dream of. Celebrities are like our alter-ego; we wish we could be just as beautiful and popular and it seems if we have what they have, we are closer to achieving our dream.

There is a downside to being so popular and well-known though. Many celebrities cannot leave their homes without being recognised or followed by paparazzi everywhere they go. This seems to be the price of fame. However, there are many “everyday” individuals who wish that they had their own fan following or were as popular as their favourite star. Although dressing a certain way or carrying a certain handbag isn’t necessarily guaranteed to make you more popular, some people, both men and women, will go to great lengths to be seen in the latest celebrity fashion trends.

In recent years, celebrities have become very well-known for their fashion choices. Indeed some celebrities seem to be famous for not much more than that! Award shows have become all about the fashion and every star who walks the red carpet is asked “Who are you wearing?” It is considered a major coup to have your designs worn by today’s hottest star. And amazingly, cheap copies of the gowns worn at these shows are available to buy within 24 hours of the show being aired.

Finding celebrity gossip and information is becoming easier and easier. You can flip on the television and watch the latest celebrity news program or glance at the cover of a gossip magazine. But by far the biggest source of celebrity news and gossip is the internet and there are thousands of sites dedicated to exactly that purpose.

Although some might view the celebrity fashion phenomenon as an unhealthy obsession, there is actually really nothing wrong with keeping up with the latest in celebrity fashions. What you need to remember though is that just because it looks good on a celebrity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same thing will look good on you. While as a teenager you can get away with wearing practically anything, if you are in your 20s, 30s and beyond and still blindly following the latest fashion trend regardless of whether it suits your body shape, you might want to reconsider your fashion habits.

Also, do you really want to be seen wearing something that is instantly recognisable as being a certain brand and that a lot of other people will also be wearing? Having ‘style’ is about far more than just your clothes and it is important to dress in a way that truly suits not only your body but also your lifestyle and career.

Price is another issue. Many celebrities have unlimited financial resources so the cost of clothing and fashion accessories isn’t an issue for them, but it may for you. Of course you can dress like a celebrity if you want to, but you need to remember that celebrity fashions change regularly. There is point going broke trying to afford the “hottest” trend that may only last for a few weeks.

In short, while the celebrity fashion phenomenon won’t be over anytime soon, you should approach with caution. Fame and fortune don’t necessarily equal good taste, so always choose clothes and accessories that are flattering for your body and appropriate for your lifestyle.

Celebrity Gossip – What is So Good About It?

The United States is the home of stars, and most people that are devoted admirers of celebrities will subscribe to celebrity gossip magazines, and watch television stations and radio programs that share the stories of famous people. Gossip can destroy other people whether they are famous or not. There have been cases of friendships ending and people taking their lives because someone somewhere has been saying not too pleasant things about them. But, is there some good that one can possibly get from reading about the private lives of other people? The answer is yes, there is some sort of good that will come from reading about famous people.

Benefits Of Celebrity Gossip

1. Keep The Stars In Check

A lot of people learn a lot from reading about famous people and the mistakes that they have made in their lives. For instance, if a famous person was caught cheating on his or her spouse and the whole affair was blown open for all to see. This will make the celebrity in question and other famous people who have a tendency to cheat on their spouse think twice before going ahead and destroying their integrity. Famous people are human beings that are prone to act out of place most times, but celebrity gossip magazines, TV shows and websites keep them in check. Famous people hate to have the details of their private lives displayed for all to see and that is why they are always on their best behavior when they are out in public.

2. Makes Readers/Viewers Feel Good About Themselves

Reading about a famous person with certain issues such as relationship issues and/or problems in their “perfect” lives kind of gives the reader/viewer some sort of validation. Knowing that a person with all his or her fame and wealth is going through certain issues make people who are not that fortunate to feel good about their own lives. Celebrity gossip sometimes provides intimate details about a celebrity’s life – and the truth is that privacy is what every top celebrity lacks and would sometimes trade for a normal life. Knowing that you the reader of a gossip magazine is fortunate to do certain things and get away with them without anyone being any the wiser, which is a feeling that every famous person would love to get.

3. Brings You Closer To Friends, Peers and Family

It is amazing how two or more people can connect on matters of mutual interest. One can easily bond with other people when you read the latest gossip on celebrities. Celebrity gossip has brought a lot of people closer and helps to destroy boredom.

What Else?

Most women check out the clothes worn by celebrities in magazines, TV shows and on the internet as well. Celebrities are known to project the latest fashion trends and some of them also wear outfits that readers, viewers and online users are advised to avoid.

Reading, listening and watching stories about famous people should not really be considered as evil, because these stories are most times not disseminated so that you can sit on your high horse and judge them – you can learn a lot from their mistakes, success, downs and dress sense.

It’s ‘OK’ to Gossip a Little

Its glitz, glamour, gloss and sheen. OK magazine is about all this and some more. This British magazine launched in 1993 has now an Australian version, an US version and an Indian version running successfully. Moreover, it publishes in Spanish and Bulgarian languages besides English. OK magazine was originally launched on a monthly basis but now runs as a weekly. It is the ultimate hub of celebrity gossips, news, paparazzi images and the stars lifestyles.

OK presently sells in nineteen countries and has over 30 million readers. It is the best selling celebrity magazine in UK and has two inner magazines:

  1. Hot Stars
  2. “OK!USA”

The various aspects covered by OK range from a variety of interviews, to exclusive gossips, the tie-ups and break-ups, film promotional, celebrity lifestyle etc.

  • Interviews: The magazine has published some exclusive interviews of stars touching upon their personal lives, relationships, engagements, pregnancies, interests, latest buys, family fact file, link-ups etc. The magazine usually follows a policy of portraying the images of the stars in a positive light, with an exception of Britney Spears, whose behaviour compelled the editorial team to revise their policy.
  • Photos: The magazine has a group of paparazzi hounds who provide exclusive photos of celebs to go with or justify scoops or expose. This apart some casual photos of stars, in their day to day life, are also always available. For example, the photos of stars on the sets of films they are shooting for, during their visits to places with friends and family, during shopping sprees, workouts, sports events etc.
  • Promotional coverage: The magazine focuses on the dedicated coverage of promotional of upcoming films, detailed coverage of promotional parties, events, photos and often uploading videos on the online version of the magazine.
  • Beauty tips: The magazine also offers beauty tips and trend stories that are influenced from star lifestyle or dressing styles. The latest Oscar trends, hits in hair styles and make-up and clothing are regularly featured in a section dedicated to styles.
  • Wedding coverage: The magazine is most known for its exclusive wedding coverage that include an all round coverage of exclusive details, stories, facts and wedding photos. The biggest of wedding controversies OK faced was when it lost a lawsuit of some millions of pounds in a court of appeal over the coverage issue of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. It had the exclusive right of the coverage but Hello Magazine, its rival, also published the pictures and was later sued by OK for it.

OK offers reasonable subscription rates for its readers. To avail an OK Magazine subscription one can choose from the two schemes available:

  • 1 year subscription, covering 52 issues, at a price of $34.95
  • 6 months subscription, covering 25 issues, at a price of $19.95

A reader can choose from the print or the online version for a subscription. Payments are accepted online though credit cards.

Celebrity Girl Dress Up

People of all ages enjoy celebrity antics and behavior. Even if we hate to watch the latest drama out of Hollywood, it is still hard to turn away when the latest blurb pops up on the evening news. Some of us get a quick fix of the latest starlet drama via entertainment news programs, and others simply scan the headlines at the grocery story.

Still others area more diehard fans and they may frequent celebrity websites or subscribe to magazines that specialize in the latest gossip. However you get your fix of what the Hollywood girls are wearing (or not wearing!) these days, there is a way you probably haven’t heard of – online paper dolls.

Celebrity Dolls?

Many celebrity watchers, or devoted non-watchers who keep up with the gossip to prove how non-interested they are, are realizing what a lot of teenage girls have known for years. Paper dolls have moved online and they have gotten much more interesting. The paper dolls of old are long gone, and online paper dolls have styles you wouldn’t even think possible.

Most of these websites, such as TheDollPalace.com, are devoted to girl dress up games, and some of the most popular of these are celebrity dress up games. Some of the most prominent stars on television and movies have been used as a model for a base doll, much like an online Barbie, and you can spend hours dressing your favorite Hollywood starlet. There are outfits appropriate for every day or adoption wear right on up to the Academy Awards.

More on Celebrities

The girl dress up is not the only celebrity item on these sites by any means. If you really know your celebs, you can take a stab at various contests that run through the site. For example, a great many dolls have already been created showing starlets in their award show finery. All you have to do is figure out which doll belongs to which star. There are also occasional articles that pertain to celebrity gossip or news items that can be a fun way to kill time every now and again.

Your Celebrity Wardrobe

Even if you’re not celebrity obsessed, you might be interested in looking a bit more polished. Most celebrities spend a great deal of time on their look and consult a stylist for major wardrobe purchases or hair style changes (with one notable exception.) You may not be able to afford a stylist, but you can track what the celebrities are wearing and build your own outfits right on the site.

Try out the latest looks of the season on a doll of your choosing to see if you can piece everything together and come up with something truly fashionable, yet uniquely you at the same time. After all, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but nobody wants to become a Hollywood clone.

Designing Your Log Cabin Home

So you’ve already purchased the lot, been through different engineering and architectural firms, scanned the internet for the most efficient contractors, finished the blueprint of your house, made sure that the right type of lumber and other materials are delivered, and then construction is already under way.

You keep track of the creation of your dream house, checking for the minutest details, making sure that no gaps are left open during the creation of your dream log cabin. The groundwork has already started; the foundation has been set, and the next thing you know, the walls are already being put up, the supporting posts and beams are in position, the stone fireplace that you just love is already in place. The wrap-around porch has been set, the bedrooms are all well-lit, and you just can’t wait to move into the house.

But wait, there seems to be something missing. Walking under the cathedral ceiling, you inspect the place from the ground up, from inside out. And then it hits you… I already have this wonderful log cabin to reside in but I need to have the appropriate furniture and accessories to really spice up the place and bring its personality out.

The first thing to consider is the functionality of the place. Is it to be used for a weekend getaway only, or is it somewhere you would consider retiring into when old age comes? Are you planning on hosting family events here, such as Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas holidays? You must plan ahead for the accommodations such as sleeping quarters and dining arrangements if parties are to be held in your house.

What type of furniture would you want? Having a log house entails a rustic style to complement the structure itself. A stone fireplace is the perfect backdrop for a living room; placing iron grills or railings in front of it would not only tie-in the country theme but also provide safety barriers for crawling toddlers.

Textures also play a role in the completion of your rural-themed residence. Choose furniture which would harmonize with the rough barks of trees, such as hand-scraped hardwood floors. Addition of plush carpeting would remind visitors of moss-laden lake shores. Many rustic-themed homes already have reclaimed wood furniture, using them as table slabs, low-set coffee tables, or even accent pieces. Granite countertops would also look good to use in the kitchen or in a breakfast nook.

Of course lighting fixtures should balance the mood you want your house to feel. Twigs and branches incorporated in a wrought-iron chandelier can bring the outdoor feel inside. And having table lamps with wood details would be great conversational pieces.

The outside of your house is also as important as the interior. Water features such as a pool or a fountain add to the visual appeal of any residence. If you want to have a little privacy, consider placing climbing vines or trees which provide shade. Placing flowers in strategic locations would also add color and charm to your perfect country house. Whatever detail you choose, it is important that your home be a place of relaxation that you can enjoy for a long time to come.

Celebrity Ownership – Who’s in YOUR Portfolio

Are you a fan of baseball cards or action figures? Is the thrill of day trading better than your morning cup of coffee? A similar concept has recently emerged that you will love. Now, you can actually own various celebrities and profit from your entertainment savvy. Finally your desire to read the antics of the most famous people in the world does not have to conflict with the rest of your online activities. CelebrityContest.net has developed a unique algorithm to determine the market “value” of celebrities at any given time, thus equating celebrities to the stock market, but with obviously more attractive potential.

The Concept

The premise behind the site is to offer a fun, yet informative way to be involved in the entertainment industry. The game of investments is free, but there are actual prizes distributed monthly for the top performing portfolios.   Gossip  columns and forums are excellent sources of speculation and information pertaining to the proffered  celebrities , and the forums also offer an opportunity to network and build community among other “cool members.”

An additional element to the overall concept is the ability to track certain stars and the public’s reaction to their publicity stunts – both intentional and not. If a certain actor is wildly popular on Monday and is snapped up for many portfolios, but then suddenly dumped on Wednesday, there is a clear message about whatever the actor was publicized doing on Tuesday. Above all else, however, building a portfolio of the stars you’ve had your eye on anyway can only be fun, and if you really know what you’re doing – possibly even rewarding.

The Algorithm

The “value” of each celebrity changes on a frequent basis to reflect the overall popularity of that individual. To calculate the value of the celebrity, CelebrityContest.net has developed an algorithm to ensure the value is computed ethically and systematically. Routinely, the website “crawls” major search engines such as Google News, Google Blog Search, and Technorati to find the celebrities. The value of each is relevant to the age and prevalence of the information as it compares to the historical average for that individual.

The difference between the new value determined by search results and the celebrity’s historical value is the change in price. This amount is then spread during the interval between updates. The price of each celebrity is also dependent on the volume of trades that individual receives. Heavily owned celebrities generate a great deal of hype, which will make their portfolio value increase. This is simply pure celebrity economics.

Owning Celebrities

The daily activities of celebrities fascinate and consume us. They make up a significant percentage of the daily news and are among the most popular web searches. Now, there is a single location to not only find and discuss the latest  celebrity   gossip , but actually find a way to take action as well. Get on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry and snatch up celebrities as they are on the way up to maximize your portfolio value, but be sure to dump any celebrities that are quickly on their way down. Buy low and sell high, after all.