Things to Know About Hair Transplantation!

Operations Manager of Pure Line Clinic, Selim Peltekciunderlines that hair transplantation can be done easily in any season of the
year and that the operations performed by specialists will give accurate

Explaining the questions about hair transplantation with the developing technology, Operations Manager of Pure Line Clinic Selim Peltekci,
hair transplantation cannot be performed on someone who has completely lost
hair. First of all, it should be evaluated and evaluated whether it is suitable
for hair transplantation. First, the suitability of the donor area is very
important. The number of grafts in the donor area determines the size of the
opening we can close. Blood tests are performed this time if the donor area is
found to be suitable after the examination. We accept it as suitable for the
operation and begin the proceedings if the results show that it is suitable for
the operation.”

There are two methods that we use most actively in hair transplantation. The first is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method,
which ensures that each follicle is extracted individually. The other is the
method of implanting the hair follicle directly, which is DHI (Direct Hair

In addition, there are some protocols that we will add tothese methods and increase their comfort and effect. One of them is Sapphire
FUE. The channels opened with sapphire blades allow the hair transplant
operation to heal faster and get more efficient results. The most effective
method that increases comfort is sedation. It’s a protocol in which all painful
procedures are performed during the 10-minute sleep period between general and
local anesthesia. The sedated stem cell hair transplant operation provides the
person with the permanent and most effective result.

Hair Transplant OperationTakes 6-8 Hours

When performing hair transplantation, we first open theslots we will place with sapphire pens, which we call the Sapphire FUE method.
The recently developed sapphire technology provides more frequent and intensive
operations with faster wound healing. Hair follicles are extracted with a
special automatic biopsy punch method, which we call the FUE robot.

Although it varies from person to person, hairtransplantation is an operation that takes an average of 6-8 hours. The
procedure is completely painless, painless, and comfortable. Having an
anesthesiologist in the operation ensures that the operation is painless.

You Can Return to Work3 Days After Hair Transplantation

After the operation, there is rest for one day, and controland washing are done on the second day. The person can easily return to work 3
days after the hair transplant operation. On the 10th day, crusts and redness
are completely gone. A short-haired image appears. Afterward, the person can
easily take part in social life. From the outside, on the 10th day, nobody
realizes that they had an operation.

All of theTransplanted Hair Comes Out After 1 Year

Approximately 4 months after the operation, 10 to 20 percentof the transplanted hair, 50 and 60 percent after 6 months, and all of them at theend of the first year, are gone.

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